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Almost every country in the world has its own official gold coin that their people use for investment. The Americans have the “Eagle”, Australia has the “Nugget” Canada has the “Maple Leaf”, Britain has the “Sovereign” and here in South Africa we have the “Krugerrand”.


In South Africa, the only way we can own pure gold is in the form of Gold Coins. The South African gold Krugerrand is a gold coin that contains 22 carat pure gold and is the perfect way for us to own and invest in gold.


The Krugerrand is the most well known gold coin in the World. South Africa has made over 54 million Krugerrands that people all around the world have invested in.


The Krugerrand comes in four sizes. All four sizes contain 22 carat pure gold. It is only the size and weight that differ. The biggest size is a one ounce and then there is a half, a quarter and a one tenth ounce. The value of a half ounce Krugerrand will be half the value of a 1 Ounce Krugerrand. And in the same way the value of a quarter ounce Krugerrand will be half the value of a half ounce Krugerrand. A one tenth Krugerrand will be ten percent of the value of a 1 ounce Krugerrand.